searches about prostate cancer that drive surfers to my site…and things i have learned on the internet…

These things I’ve learned.

Prostate Diaries

In the picture above is my garage and my 1986 Toyota truck, my first air-conditioned car that I bought in residency in Augusta, Ga to use to moonlight in Millen, Ga for extra money. On the truck are our three cats, in order from right to left, Kitten, Annie, and Kibber. On the hood is Penelope as a puppie. Penelope is there to eat cat food. My wife had the habit of feeding the cats their” three cans of “stinking can” cat food on the hood of my beloved truck.  When I would come home at night, if I walked by the truck, the cats would congregate there hoping to be fed. Penelope loved the canned cat food as well and that explains why she is there. Sadly, Kibber and her daughter Annie have passed away since this picture was taken. The picture says so much however about my life at the time…

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