Vasectomy 101:Gainesville’s Northeast Georgia Urology Group, NGUA (Everything you wanted to know about a vasectomy but were afraid to ask.)

Some of these are quite entertaining!

Prostate Diaries

Everything you need to know and ask about a vasectomy “before” you have one done. (If you have a question or issue not addressed, mention it as a comment and I’ll address it gladly. I want this to be an “exhaustive” resource to those considering a vasectomy.)

Five myths about a a vasectomy often used by the reluctant male as an excuse not to have a vasectomy.

  • Is a vasectomy permanent? Well yes and no. A vasectomy is a procedure that takes a segment of the vas tube (the tube small tube that carries sperm from each testicle and epididymis) and then by various means occludes the remaining ends. The remaining ends can be tied with suture, burned or fulgurated (the body heals the trauma of being heated with scarring), or clips. The success rate of all the ways to “tie off” both ends are about the same. At Northeast Georgia Urological Associates we…

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