Hot tubs linked to prostate cancer…well everything else is!

Everyday something is found to cause prostate cancer.

Prostate Diaries

i’m a thousand miles from nowhere and there’s nowhere i want to be….Yokam

In the picture above we all have on our hiking gear and this is probably a shot just before locking the car and beginning the hike, when we thought we were really going to go hiking. All the shirts so nice and clean, the boots, sunglasses, camera, rain gear, socks and sock liners that wick…yes all set to go. I became a master at taking group pictures. I had this little black tripod with a Velcro strap that could be put on a rock or attached to a tree to get the perfect perspective. Another funny thing about some of our group pictures. I would have everybody do something than just smile or stare into the camera. I got the idea for a “professional shot” from a photographer who took some pictures for me for the team…

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