prostate cancer, robert frost, and the road less traveled

The road less traveled is not necessarily the better. Maybe it is less traveled for a reason.

Prostate Diaries

I know you’ve read the poem, ” the road not taken” my mother referred to it as the road “less traveled” and that is the problem with the common interpretation. It is more complicated than you would think and may have a different meaning than you thought. It also has a prostate cancer decision implication. This is the tease. Read the poem a couple of times and then see what you really think it’s about,  then apply to prostate cancer and the decisions related to that. And then of course we find that Frost had prostate cancer and died of complications of  it, albeit at an old age. More later… I have a little story to tell about the poem that I’ll share tomorrow. Enjoy this classic, it has so many turns. Research what Frost himself said about it. Hint: the road less traveled is not necessarily the  better one.


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