Healthy 63 yr old with prostate cancer and favorable parameters on prostate biopsy report. Which treatment for prostate cancer best?

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Prostate Diaries


I am 63 years old and in good health.  I was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer (Gleason 6; low volume; TIC Stage 2).  My urologist–a surgeon–went through the options with me and my wife.  He also stated that he felt I was a prime candidate for using the new trueBeam radiation method (45 treatments).  He set me up to meet with radiology oncologist.  I also have an appointment with a surgeon he recommended that performs the daVinici Robotic surgery.  After reading your book and the Johns Hopkins book, I was leaning towards the surgery — the “gold standard.”  Now after meeting with the radiologist, many of my fears and concerns relative to radiation were “debunked.”  Do you have any insight or could you direct me to any studies relative to the trueBeam radiation therapy?  Treatments would be done less than six miles from my home — a real plus.

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