A wonderful prostate cancer idea-now lets see the men do it!

penelope and her "sticks"

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I had already thought of having designer diapers and men modeling them. Each pair would have an action figure, for instance, I’d want little men fly fishing  on mine. Great idea girls!

Taking it off for a good

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Record

Meet Kathleen Gartner, Ms. February.

The retired Wyckoff school teacher and 11
other New Jersey women say they have
nothing to hide when it comes to raising
awareness about prostate cancer — and have
backed it up by shedding their clothes for a
calendar promoting awareness.

“It’s a little risqué, but very tasteful,” said
Gartner, 71.

The 2010 calendar, titled “Stand By Your
Man: 12 Women in Support of a Cure for P
rostate Cancer,” went on sale this month.
All the money from the sales go to the
Prostate Cancer Coalition of New Jersey, and
the women plan to take to the streets of
Manhattan next week to sell the calendar.

The calendar was the brainchild of Sheila
Rosko, 65, of Blairstown, whose husband,
Gabe, 67, a financial planner, was diagnosed
with prostate cancer 13 years ago.

“I’ll do anything to save my man,” Rosko said.
“I said, ‘We can do this for our men.’Ÿ”

She borrowed the idea from a 2003 movie,

“Calendar Girls,” the story of a women’s club
in England whose members pose nude for a
calendar to raise money for research after
one of their friend’s husbands dies from

So Rosko, a health insurance executive who
posed in a rowboat as Ms. April for the cover,
called wives in cancer support groups
around New Jersey.

Were the women game? The reply was a
resounding, “We’ll do it.”

Some of the women apparently had no idea
what Brooklyn-based portrait photographer
Bob Carey had in mind when he agreed to
shoot the project for free.

Gartner arrived at her photo shoot — at a
garage in Brooklyn — toting a suitcase filled
with cold weather gear such as scarves and
hats, and carrying with her the idea she was
to be Ms. November.

Instead, Gartner was shot while seated in a
hot rod, a motorcycle repair manual covering
her strategically. During the shoot, a city bus
stopped and passengers, thinking they were
seeing a movie set, waved excitedly.

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