Press Release:Number One Prostate Cancer Book on Kindle

PR Web Press Release-Old news but fun to see how some marketing folks manipulate the search engines..etc.

The reason this book is number one on Kindle for the subject of prostate cancer is that it is easy to read. The other reason is that there are stories at the end that star the prostate gland. It focuses on the decision-making process, a plan that makes sure that the newly diagnosed prostate cancer patient understands the “voiding consequences” of all of the treatments. It is a starting point, it complements other books, it recommends no treatment, and it tells the prostate journey through the eyes of a urologist who is the patient. It highlights the significance of the wife. Sad humor in parts, fear in others. It’s just an arrow in the ole prostate decision-making quiver. That’s all. It helps the patient define “who they are” because you must know that to make a “customized decision.”


If you have to ask how much it can't afford it


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