“The Decision” A Prostate Cancer Decision Guide By Northeast Georgia Urologist John McHugh M.D. – A Finalist In The Eric Hoffer Award For Health

man buys the first drink, the drink buys the next drink, then the drink controls the man


Eric Hoffer Category Finalists 

After our rigorous first round of judging, less than 10% of the titles become category finalists.  We consider this a distinction of its own merit and, in 2008, began officially listing these titles on-line. Finalists are selected by category scoring. There are typically 1-6 books per category selected as a finalist. Finalists fall into approximately the upper 10% of all books that entered the contest. Below are the current and previous category finalists in alphabetical order by book. (Please click here to view the Montaigne Medal Finalists or da Vinci Eye Finalists.)

* All-in-One Marriage Prep, Susanne M Alexander, Barringer Publishing
* Art of Islam, Titus Burckhardt, World Wisdom
* Belle’s Trial, Connie Gotsch, Artemesia Publishing
* Birth of a Notion, Bill Harris, Wayne State University Press
* Born Twice, Helen Stern Kuban, Matyi Press
* Chapel Hill in Plain Sight, Daphne Athas, Eno Publishers
* Clan Ground, Clare Bell, Imaginator Press
* Cooking on the Light Side, Thienna Ho, Thienna, Inc.
* Courage and Croissants, Suzane Saxe-Roux and Jean P. Roux, St. Remy Press
* Dia de los Muertos, Angela Charmaine Craid, editor, Elektrick Milk Bath Press
* Dog Boy and Other Harrowing Tales, Erica-Lynn Huberty, iUniverse
* Family Secrets, DeAnn Daley Holcomb, 3P Press, Brown Books
* Fate’s Janitors, Keith R Wilson, self
* Fiddler Crabbe, G.R. Dixon, self
* Finally Growing Up, Ed Morler, Sanai Publishing
* Guest House, Barbara K. Richardson, Bay Tree Publishing
* Heartbreak, Richard Kurtz, Burning Books
* Heart’s Migration, Linda Rodriguez, Tia Chucha Press
* Heaven, Indiana, Jan Maher, Dog Hollow Press
* How to Interview Like a Pro, Mary Greenwood, iUniverse
* Howling at the Moon, Steven Mayfield, Mount Parnassus Press
* Human Nature, Gary Soto, Tupelo Press
* Islam, Fundamentalism, and the Betrayal of Tradition, Joseph Lumbard, Editor, World Wisdom
* Jobpreneurship 101, Jim Villwock, Job Doctors International
* Knowing Woman, Nurturing the Feminine Soul, Jo Mills Garceau, iUniverse
* Life, Venerable Master Hsing Yun, Buddha’s Light Publishing
* Living in Two Worlds, Charles Eastman, World Wisdom
* Lone Holdout, Linda Cox, Charles Street Press
* Loose Ends Kill, Bob Doerr, TotalRecall Publications
* Love and the Eye, Laura Newbern, Kore Press
* Mediterranean Grave, William Doonan, BookYear Mysteries
* Mind, Body, & Spirit, William Pillow, iUniverse
* My Life Has No Purpose!, David Weber, Learn About Flow
* Nice Bike, Mark Scharinbroich, Ech Boy Publishing
* Old Woman Winter, Mary Bevis, Raven Productions
* One Book, The Whole Universe, Richard D. Mohr & Barbara M. Sattler, editors, Parmenides Publishing
* One Summer in the Old Town, Randy Cribbs, OCRS
* Orphans of Katrina, Karen O’Toole, Give a Dog a Bone Press
* Picturing Hemingway’s Michigan, Michael R Federspiel, Wayne State University Press
* Practical Solutions for Stablizing Students with Classic Autism to Be Ready to Learn, Judy Endow, AAPC Publishing
* Reimagining Detroit, John Gallagher, Wayne State University Press
* Resumes for Children, Donna Kristine Manley, Christiana Press
* Return of the Storks, Lovie Karnath, Akira Uidea Gallery
* Seeking the God of Ecstasy, Melina Costello, O Books
* Semper Cool, Barry Fixler, Exalt Press
* Soulwise, Dr. Phil Johnson, NanoHouse Press
* Striking Surface, Jason Schneiderman, Ashland Poetry Press
* Success of the Seed Plants, Leslie Williams, Bellday Books,
* Tai Chi Chuan Classical Yang Style, Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, YMAA Publication Center
* Tales of the Brass Griffin, C. B. Ash, Christopher Ash
* Texas Tables, Junior League of Noth Harris and Aouth Montgomery Counties, Favorite Recipes Press
* The Ant in Red Pants, Zee Knutson & Carolyn Garriott, Driftwillow Press
* The Blueprint, Adam Schrager & Rob Witwer, Fulcrum Books
* The Changing Realm of Light, Elizabeth Carmel, Hawks Peak Publishing
* The Decision, John C. McHugh M.D., LuLu
* The Employee Rights Handbook, Steven Mitchell Sack, Legal Strategies Publications
* The End of War, Captain Paul J. Chapell, Easton Studio Press
* The Englishman Who Posted Himself and Other Stories, John Tingey, Princeton Architectural Press
* The Flavor of L’Auberge, L’Auberge du Lac Casino Resort, Favorite Recipes Press
* The Healing, Frances Pergamo, iUniverse
* The House at Royal Oak, Carol Eron Rizzolo, Black Dog & Leeventhal
* The Old Queen’s Treasure, Michael A. Herr, LuLu
* The Pinnacle Seven, Jackie Richards, iUniverse
* The Principles of Horseshoeing, Doug Butler and Jacob Butler, Doug Butler Enterprises
* The Snake Woman of Ipanema, Lucille Bellucci, Writers Club Press
* The Sylvan Horn, Robert Redinger, iUniverse
* The Triskaidek, Basil Spring, LuLu
* The Ugly Tree, Tamara Lyon, Comfort Publishing
* The Wizard’s Dream, Louisa Loveridge Gallas, Singing Road Press
* The Worth of Smart, Blaine C. Readler, Full Arc Press
* Thriving After Divorce, Tonja Evetts Weimer, Beyond Words
* Towards a Transformative Photography, Simhananda, Orange Palm Publications
* Train in the Distance, S.W.Capps, Inkwater Press
* Tree Song, H.E.Stewart, Tudor House Press
* Truly, Everything, J.R.Armstrong, Willowrose Publishing
* Unclean Jobs for Women, Alissa Nutting, Starcherone
* Wednesday is Indigo Blue, Richard E. Cytowic and David Eagleman, The Mit Press
* Woodshop for Kids, Jack McKee, Cack McKee/Hands On Books
* Zero, Kathryn Otoshi, Ko Kids Books
* Zimbabwe Bound, Larita Killian, University of Indianapolis Press

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