prostate cancer: how long does a six month LHRH shot last? who is buried in grant’s tomb? two similar questions with obvious answers but it is not quite that simple. think intermittent hormone therapy.

definition of a kiss? an upper persuation before the lower invasion!

I live in the county so me and the chlompster, not to be confused with the dumpster, take the trash every Saturday morning. This dumpster is at my office and my thinking is if that I pay for it I can put personal stuff in it (this is much to the chagrin of our cleaning ladies who at the end of the week sometimes make faces at my office because Dr. McHugh has used all the dumpster space with his home trash). A few years ago me and Chloe dropped some trash off at a county compacter and a lady followed her and me to Home Depot and when I went into the store, the lady left a card on my seat next to Chloe with a note telling me that if I were not married to give her a call. Despite several inquiries to Chloe, she would not tell me what the lady looked like or if she thought we’d be a match. I destroyed the card, told my wife somewhat bragatory and all she could say was, “So John, how did you meet your new girlfriend? Oh…I forgot…at the county dumpster!” Wives have the nasty little habit or one might say quality of changing something positive about a spouse into something very negative. Anyway, Chloe can wait in a truck contentedly for hours. She is so good that way.

About hormones and prostate cancer. It is not a cure, it is used when prostate cancer has spread beyond the prostate.  It will make the PSA go to nothing the majority of the time for an unknown lenght of time and an unkown level. There are now lots of nuances about hormone therapy and how it is used. I currently like intermittent therapy because some 6 month shots will last 2 years. Why is this? We don’t know and that is the reason medicine is an art and not a science.

Podcast on hormone therapy

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