Being diagnosed of prostate cancer when it is too late to cure and dying of prostate cancer in one’s prime…Deja Vu all over again!

we don't always want what is right...

I remember when it was announced that this guy had prostate cancer. It is always interesting to me and sad that a person with the money, education, resources is diagnosed late with prostate cancer when it could have been so easily prevented and then dies in a year or so. How tragic. And yet all we read is about over diagnosis, too many biopsies done, and the worthlessness of the PSA. The following article by Dr. Maguire is good and is something I have written about on many occasions.

Yes…many more men die with prostate cancer than of it. Yes there are slow-growing forms that may not need aggressive therapy. Yes sometimes the PSA causes unnecessary prostate biopsies and angst to the male with an elevated PSA.

But what is a man to do? Hope the percentages are in his favor and just ignore the possibility of prostate cancer?

One in a hundred is 100% if you are that one. Frank Zappa, Bill Bixby, Robert Albin, and two men in my practice this month….Deja Vu all over again.

Death of Canada’s Jack Layton is Cancer Teaching Moment

Written by patrickmaguireon August 23, 20112 Comments

I’m not Canadian and my interest in politics nears zero. Nevertheless, the death of prominent Canadian politician, Mr. Jack Layton, this week gives me reason to write. For those like myself who are ignorant to Canadian politics , Mr. Layton was the charismatic leader of that country’s opposition group in Parliament. At one point, he had been voted the Canadian leader that they’d “most like to drink a beer with.” Now in my mind, beyond even the glowing praise of his abilities and accomplishments in Parliament, that statement says something about a man!

Mr. Layton was diagnosed with prostate cancer a year ago and his cause of death was reported to be from an aggressive form of cancer. While it’s possible that he developed a second cancer type which killed him rapidly, it’s most likely that his prostate cancer recurred (came back), spread (metastasized), and killed him despite aggressive treatment.

Judging from what I’ve read about Jack Layton, he would want to help his fellow countrymen and others even in death as he had throughout his life. In that regard, there are two lessons we can learn here, both generally about cancer and specifically about cancer of the prostate. The first is that descriptions of people “bravely fighting” or “losing their brave fight” against cancer need to go! While I realize it’s difficult to refrain from battle metaphors, these phrases have little meaning for people dealing with cancer and can be downright disrespectful. This point is articulated well in an article by reporter, Carly Weeks, of the Globe and Mail:

The second issue concerns prostate cancer. Yes, many men who are diagnosed with indolent forms of the disease don’t need treatment and will die ultimately of other causes. They will die “with it rather than of it.” However, it’s equally true that within the spectrum of prostate cancer, thousands of men are diagnosed and ultimately die from aggressive forms of the disease. Medical research needs to continue (with increased funding!) to advance toward the day when men like Mr. Layton are not cut down in the prime of their lives. Zealots preaching about the dangers of prostate cancer treatment take heed.

– Patrick Maguire, MD

2 Replies to “Being diagnosed of prostate cancer when it is too late to cure and dying of prostate cancer in one’s prime…Deja Vu all over again!”

  1. I live in Canada and met Mr Layton at PCa events. To be clear he stated publicly that his prostate cancer was under control and that the had been diagnosed with a new (and unidentified) cancer. Many in the patient community have their doubts but there is no hard evidence that he died of PCa


  2. As the details of Jack Layton’s prostate cancer have not been disclosed it is impossible to make an objective comment.
    One can only hope that it wasn’t because it was discovered too late for appropriate treatment. Hopefully he wasn’t one of the thosands of men who decide not to have a PSA test or a DRE (digital rectal examination) as this would be a tragedy.


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