prostate cancer and smelling like basil….what? a honey do list or the O’Reilly Factor and prostate cancer…she’s looking out for you!

although i laugh and i smile like a clown...beneath this mask i am wearing a frown...the beatles

the honey do list…..i agree…..strong women guiding men….. i am all about that..they are are weak… i get it

in my book i tell the story about a man in his 40’s who goes to his family doctor and is told that he did not need a rectal exam or a PSA because “he was too young to get prostate cancer.” he goes home and his wife, a urologic scrub nurse, and relays this to her. she says,”you go back and get it done or get another doctor. i work with  a bunch of urologists and i see what prostate cancer can do!” ain’t nothin like a proactive wife…a oreilly of sorts…”she’s looking out for you.”

before you think i am weird…they say the more you love a pet the more names you have for it….i have got some names for penelope my friend….

so i am kissing the most wonderful chocolate lab…penelope…or as we say…sheppy or comsheppy, or spephes ala sheps, or the most beautiful th shep ala sheps com sheepie to the extreme…..we love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

so i am kissing my sheeppei and i smell something non dog….it was a bit somewhat spicey…

I say to my wife…my estranged wife..who as i speak is in tuscanny….”I won’t go there why she is there and i am here and that she is there with a friend and i am here with the pepe ala sheppe our chocolate lab …the bomb of all bombs dogs…..

so….anyway i say to my wife that sheps smells different…\

then it dawned on us…. i put the grate of the green egg up against the deck fence as the coals are reving up and “getttin going” so

penelope goes over to lick the stuff off the grate from the night before (don’t freak out..if i cook on it it will be sterilized by the heat of the coals when i put the grate back on the greeen egg…chilll

so as she is licking the grate her body rubs against the basil……………..ahhhhhhh   she smells so good, so italian…………….which is where my wife is not …but not with me….. i don’t like to travel…so she went any way………………what am i missing….okay   i get it………and it ain’t good

One Reply to “prostate cancer and smelling like basil….what? a honey do list or the O’Reilly Factor and prostate cancer…she’s looking out for you!”

  1. Prior to my learning I had Advanced Prostate Cancer, I noticed the last 1/2″ of my penis was a bit sticky, and when smelling the substance it had a foreign smell as being sickening sweet – this is a poor description. Due to where it emanated, may be the reason for it seeing offensive;i.e., had it been a smell that drifted in the air, it would have simply seemed to be a rather strange chemical odor. This smell has been with me now for 5.5 years and there are times it is rather strong and other occasions that a smell is hardly noticeable.

    At the outset, I was informed that my life expectancy would be not more than two years. However, with taking Lupron and being in fairly good condition for my present age of 78, I am quite fortunate.

    I have always been curious regarding the smell, but have been told that it has no bearing on my cancer. Considering the above, I strongly disagree.


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