Are you smarter than a fifth grader…about prostate cancer?

"Do not look where you fell, but where you slipped." - African Proverb
  • No symptoms…does it matter?
  • Low PSA…does it mean no cancer?
  • Big prostate…means cancer?
  • Small prostate means no cancer?
  • Surgery better than radiation?
  • Proton better than regular “ole” radiation?
  • Age over 75-is surgery best?
  • Do you have a higher incidence of impotence with cryosurgery?
  • Why do they only do Proton on the well-mod prostate cancer in terms of the “favorability” of prostate cancer?
  • High PSA means prostate cancer?
  • You have a biopsy of your prostate cancer because of a high PSA…and it is negative…was the biopsy unnecessary?
  • Can you die of prostate cancer?
  • Can you have it before the age of 50?
  • Are all urologists the same?
  • Are all surgeons the same?
  • Will surgeons only recommend surgery?
  • What is the Gleason’s score?
  • If the guy at your church had seeds for his cancer is that the best treatment for you?
  • Are all prostate biopsies that have cancer the same?
  • Are all prostate cancers the same?
  • Does everyone that has surgery become impotent?
  • Does everyone that has radiation preserve their potency?
  • What is HIFU?
  • What is NanoKnife?
  • If you have trouble voiding does that mean you have prostate cancer?
  • When do you think the male should begin having PSAs and rectal exams?
  • Is prostate cancer hereditary?
  • Do blacks have prostate cancer more or less often than others?\
  • Does Avodart cause cancer of the prostate?
  • Can a dog smell prostate cancer in a man’s urine?
  • What is a Free PSA? How can you use it in the treatment decision-making?
  • If your friend had a particular treatment and did well, if you have the same treatment by the same doctor does that mean you will do well?
  • Is it smart to have anything other than prostate removal for prostate cancer if you are 50 or so and in good health? Hint: Think years at risk.
  • Why is years at risk, your physiologic age important in your decision?
  • What is the Partin table?
  • If there is cancer in your lymph nodes can you be cured with radiation or surgery?
  • What is the Prostatic Acid Phosphatase and how can it help you and your doctor?
  • If your Free PSA is very high indicating that you have a low likelihood of prostate cancer..does that mean you won’t have prostate cancer on biopsy?
  • Why do men get infections after a prostate biopsy?
  • What is the difference in a “autopsy evaluation of the prostate” and “twelve cores taken at the time of a prostate biopsy?”

Do you have others? I am tired for now but have probably hundred others that I will add from time to time. Comment won’t you? Mr. Cass…I bet you have a few to add.

From my book, “What was thought to be a simple disease of old men becomes after diagnosis  a potentially lethal disease with a very difficult treatment decision scenario for the newly diagnosed prostate cancer patient to consider.”

3 Replies to “Are you smarter than a fifth grader…about prostate cancer?”

  1. I’ve been curious about nanoknife cancer surgery, and you talked about it in your article. I’ve been trying to do some research for my dad about prostate cancer, and I had heard that nanoknife cancer surgery was something that was somewhat new. I’m going to have to keep doing some research and see what I can find, and share your article with him to see if he can answer the questions himself!


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