Gainesville Georgia Urologist’s Prostate Cancer Blog Surpasses 100,000 Views.

chloe's corner

When we go to the lake the first order of business is to divide a can of chunky Alpo between Chloe and Penelope. Penelope first and Chloe sweet as she is then walks around behind me and waits for the second portion after Penelope begins. The the two dog begin their routine. For Penelope it is run as fast as she can over the whole property to “russel up” either a squirrel or a deer. Chloe slowly ambles to the cove in the left hand corner facing out to her spot.

Chest deep in the water and then begins to bite at the water and drinking at the same time. Wades around dipping and biting but never going completely under or swimming. Then out and up into the grass to shake and then to wriggle on her back for a nice back rub. Then to the top of the grassy area to a spot she can see the approach down the gravel drive to the property, the cabin and the lake. Sitting like a queen she sits observing all.

What in the world is she thinking about? My wife says she’s complex, “She has feelings, she contemplates and reminisces John.”

Over 100,000 views on a site as boring as prostate cancer? How can that be?

  • Prostate cancer initially comes across as a simple disease in old people who few die of. Then you or a loved one gets it and then its a different story.
  • 250,000 men diagnosed a year and then want to learn something from the internet.
  • Pictures of dogs with a quote maybe?
  • Debunking myths and media articles possibly?
  • Irreverent humor.
  • A urologist with the disease adds a bit I am told.
  • The Extranormal cartoons.
  • The bleeding scrotum post… the most popular post and one that I have had many thank me for from a far away as Australia.
  • The Illustrations.
  • The personal stories.
  • The comments by readers and of so call expert reports in the media.
  • The Links and news feeds.
  • The book….nahhh.
  • Chloe in the boat with a life-preserver on…now that is neat.
  • Podcasts about prostate cancer issues…what?
  • Occasional free advice from a urologist.
  • All the dirty little secrets that only a urologist with the disease can know and share.
  • The perspective of 25 years of treating prostate cancer with a feel of the disease from start to finish. (This is huge…so many patients can only see the first phase i.e. the one they are in in the moment and usually involved with the decision of treatment.) This is the biggest gift of this site…perspective…not bias as some would claim. I ain’t got no dog in this here fight.
  • Best post? I like the one on Will Rogers, on The Band, on Richard Albin and my letter to the New York Times, Pepi the prostate…and bla bla bla…

Coming soon…music and videos.

On another note I have added a Facebook Page. I have developed an app for the book and one of the features will be a link to the Facebook Page.  Facebook allows for a few things that are easier to put in a post…like sharing, photos, links and comments and might very well add to the prostate diaries features and usefulness.

Thanks for all… push the Like Button and it takes you to the page. On the page are other “likes” related to Prostate Cancer and that is informative as well.

7 Replies to “Gainesville Georgia Urologist’s Prostate Cancer Blog Surpasses 100,000 Views.”

  1. A fresh way to shed light on a tough subject. The humor hits home! More people need to see this. Thank you for sharing!


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