prostate cancer podcast on post prostate biopsy checking for prostate cancer and subsequent provocative blood born infections…whew…say that three times!

we'll kick in the door and the whole house will fall down....hitler before the failed invasion of russia...paraphrased

A little disappointed in the Penelope…she refuses to play with the new puppies…try as they may…she shuns them. She is not mean, she just won’t play. Chloe played with her, she played as a puppie with Toosie, she plays with Brudder and Bella….but ignores the new sibling Dachshunds.  Go figure…she may be getting “chloeised.”

Hey listen… prostate biopsies are nothing to sneeze at…a recent infection got my attention my friend…it is a scary deal when after a biopsy someone gets sick and you don’t know that the antibiotics you are using are going to work because of all this new “sensitivity” stuff. I am becoming a believer in the “playing out the movie of the PSA from the last chapter to the prologue….before the biopsy….I ain’t there yet of the “before the PSA.”

Itunes podcast on Prostate biopsy risks.


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