Prostate cancer and urology jokes

happeee holidays

So… a husband and wife are looking out the kitchen window while doing the dishes.

“Honey I am gonna have to speak to Bess about her boyfriend. Look there…It looks like he has spelled his name in the snow,” the husband says.

The wife replies, ” John, I am sure you have done that too a time or two in your life. I don’t think it is a big deal.”

The husband replies, ” Well, it’s  in her handwriting.”


How do you know if a man has a good stream?

  • Can you knock the bark off a tree?
  • Turn gravel over in the parking lot?
  • Spell your name in the snow?
  • Pee and run under it?
  • Put out a fire?
  • Pee over a fence?

Well alright then!

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