Prostate cancer and Urology joke #2

here's a dirty little secret for you...forgiving someone is a gift to yourself...a relinqishing of actually has very little to do with the person you is about you!

So… a guy goes into a bar and in front of the bartender on the counter is a tiny little man playing a tiny little piano.

“That’s neat. Where did you get that little fellow?” he asks the bartender.

“There’s a Genie in the closet over there that will grant you wish,” the bartender replies.

The customer goes over to the closet and when he comes out a million ducks start falling from the sky.

“Hey, what’s up with that Genie of yours? I asked for a million bucks, not ducks,” the customer says.

“Well duh?” the bartender says. ” You think I made a wish for a 12 inch pianist?”

Someone reviewed my book on amazon and said it was unprofessional, that the drawings looked like they had been done by a child, the printing was bad, there were no statistics, that it had too many personal stories, that she could only stomach reading half and wished she could get her money back.

My response?  She needs a Genie. 

Ps…I just don’t get the non professional part.

2 Replies to “Prostate cancer and Urology joke #2”

  1. I have been reading your blog and love it. I am a professional whose boyfriend is battling biochemical recurrence with Lupron and radiation. It turned our lives upside down and the doctors are kind but guarded. Your book and blog are honest and real and refreshing. Thank you for what you do. My first read sent me to my knees to thank God!!! Please don’t change a thing.


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