Looking for a source of prostate cancer news? How about ProstateDiaries on Twitter.

"he has a method in his madness"

Prostatediaries on Twitter

Do you know what TwitterFeed is? Well, I figured it out. You take every news service on the internet that has both a RSS feed and has a feed dedicated you prostate cancer and….viola! They are all automatically feed into your Twitter account. Daily I am amazed at what I learn from Twitter. I never looked at anything on the internet about prostate cancer until I had to deal with it and as I was writing my book.

So if you have been recently diagnosed with prostate cancer or have a loved one who has or know someone who has and you feel somewhat inadequate…try out Twitter and ProstateDiaries. A whole boat load of info on the subject updated almost hourly with the latest news on prostate cancer. One feature I particularly enjoy, and often times makes me sad, is the comment section feed from the American Cancer Society.

Man oh Man…you see these comments asking help of other members of the forum with questions like these:

“Hi everyone. I recently had my prostate cancer removed robotically and my first post surgery PSA is 10. Does anyone know what that means?”

Man oh Man. Keith?

Anyway it only takes a minute to have a Twitter account and it is an easy way to stay up to date with all things prostate. Just follow me on Twitter and you get all the feeds.

What is the favorite thing I follow? You guessed it…sayings and quotes…follow quotes as well…you’ll see what I mean.

3 Replies to “Looking for a source of prostate cancer news? How about ProstateDiaries on Twitter.”

  1. I had my prostate removed robotically Oct 15th and I look at and read this site daily. I find it so uplifting and helpful. It is not mamby pamby! I don’t like some of the things I read also and that is OK. I want to know all I can about my recovery and what to expect. Thank you (I am 58)


  2. Hi JM and all your followers wishing you ALL a fantasic Christmas from Keith at the red sock campaign here in the UK.

    I can endorse the fact that ‘twitter’ is a powerful tool for all us prostate disease guys and our families.

    It saves me hours of googling this journal, that hospital report, this research, that support group etc etc

    If its news its on twitter instantly all you have to do is follow the right people.

    Keith is settling down to a great Christmas with his family now that last week my PSA is once again less than 0.1 which means I will not be having any more treatment until my PSA rises to around 10 again and why do I do it, well firstly to give my body a rest from the drugs (Prostap) secondly because I know the drugs work for ME and thirdly because I need to be the one in control of my prostate cancer.

    Information and knowledge are the key elements for all men who want to know about their prostate cancer. ‘YOU ARE NOT ALONE’


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