Prostate cancer, Warren Buffet, American Cancer Society’s Otis Brawley, Obama and “Do as I say not as I do.” Mr. Brawley please educate Mr. Buffett.

catch a trout on your birthday on a fly you tied...well it don't get no better than this...

That’s a San Juan Worm and a Wooly Bugger dropper and a Soque River Rainbow….just flows off the tip of the tongue when you say it don’t it?

Also reader be advised…It is said to never talk religion or politics but this thing about health care, the psa, and who lined up for Pres Obama’s national health care is too choice not to comment on. So don’t go and unsubscribe because you think I am of this or that persuasion. Enjoy the hypocrisy in all of it, that’s all.

One this site search for previous posts on the USTFP (or something like that), Otis Brawley(particularly the Tuskegee remark), the ACS, and Obamacare. Take a deep breath, don’t be mad at me and don’t think you know you know my political persuasion.


 Well well ole Warren Buffet huh? And we’re told that he has prostate cancer, that the Prostate Cancer Foundation has asked for money before the stain of the prostate biopsy slide has dried, that his pathology is favorable, that he is 81 and that he anticipates having radiation therapy. Well, well, well.

  • He’s a buddy of President Obama and feels that the rich should pay a minimum tax-“The Buffet Rule” even though neither he or Obama pay the minimum percentage they propose (30%) for others. If you feel so strongly that the rich should pay taxes and why don’t they just pay more taxes or not apply for tax breaks that only the rich can afford-think the $48,000.00 that the Obama’s gave their daughters tax-free for their college tuition in the future. You help pay for that, its okay I am all for education.
  • If he’s a buddy of Obama and then he most assuredly agrees with  the mandates of Obamacare which in turn would frown upon an 81 year man: number one having a PSA drawn in the first place, then the audacity of doing a prostate biopsy, and then what! deciding to do radiation for treatment for a disease the “men die with and not of.”
  • Those horrible urologists that perpetrated all this on this unsuspecting old man whose mind is all concerned about his stocks and bonds.
  • Medicare will cover any fees related to this diagnosis and treatment-I mean if he still drives an old car and lives in small house he must have signed up for Medicare.
  • Do you remember President Obama saying that if “Grandma” had a cancer and she’s older it might be better to just “give her a pill or something.” Do you think this was his advice to Warren Buffet was to take a pill?” Did Buffett not listen this time?
  • There is a pill you know for prostate cancer in the elderly that have favorable disease.
  • Do you think he’ll have the expensive radiation, you know the Proton, the one that costs about $100,000.oo? That and paying less than his secretary in taxes. Not too shabby. Medicare covers Proton radiation therapy.
  • Do as I say not as I do comes to mind.
  • Follow this. Brawley of the American Cancer Society bragged that he did not want nor would he have a PSA. Okay. A governmental task force declares that the PSA is a flawed test  and that it should not be ordered. This is all in advance of the passage of Obamacare. It comes out that it may not be paid for by Obamacare in the future. The American Cancer Society dutifully supports Obamacare. Obama pins a ribbon with a big star on Buffett. Buffet and Obama think the rich should pay more in taxes to support the 49% of americans that now do not pay taxes.  Buffett gets prostate cancer at age 81 and has the favorable type but in doing so did all the things that Mr. Otis Brawley of the American Cancer Society said not to do to get to the diagnosis of prostate cancer and now plans to do the very thing that will not be covered in the future by Obamacare and yet he is a supporter of Mr. Obama and to top it all off as a billionaire his treatment will be covered by Medicare which in turn is paid for by the people who pay taxes and are currently demonized by the President.
  • Take all the politics out of it …..I don’t care where you stand…the above is funny is it not?

So Buffett gets cancer gets cancer and should not have been checked in the first place and after that may not should be treated on our dime.

Ryan O’Neal gets it and that is a bit dicey. 70 years old, we are told Stage 2, that could go either way.

Then the Frank Zappa types that are diagnosed in their 40 or 50’s and have the type that are too late to cure. Where is Otis on this? Where is Obama and Obamacare on this. If you don’t believe in PSA how will we find them early?

My theory is that the government wonks and epidemiologists like those at the American Cancer Society believe it is more cost-effective to not find the men with the bad disease and treat them for the 2-3 years they will live after diagnosis (Think Zappa, Bill Bixby, Folgeberg) than to screen everyone to prevent letting a bad one slip through and then have to treat the patients like O’Neal. It’s a numbers game to them except when it is them….back to Buffett… Now it’s him and he is doing what he feels is best for him and that ain’t what the government would think or pay for if it came to that or if it were left up to Otis Brawley.

Mr. Otis Brawley…where is the outrage, where is the commentary on Buffett. Where are you?

Now is the time to compare Buffett to the Tuskegee Airmen and how he is being manipulated by his doctors out only to make money. Right? Don’t be shy, don’t worry about any contributions that may be in balance by Mr. Buffet, tell us what you think of Mr. Buffett’s decision-making process. Give him advice on how you feel about prostate cancer and maybe your opinion on the wisdom of “checking on his prostate.”

Opine won’t you?…….

4 Replies to “Prostate cancer, Warren Buffet, American Cancer Society’s Otis Brawley, Obama and “Do as I say not as I do.” Mr. Brawley please educate Mr. Buffett.”

  1. Its really late here in the UK but i must say that this article by Dr JC McHugh was very brave and so much like a UK party political broadcast so much so that i felt I must commend him on being so brave. I

    n the UK saying what the majority think has often proved to be political suicide.

    Whilst it may upset some people this article and the comment is in fact an insight that many people have whether fore or against.

    Freedom of speach is a gift we must never lose.

    Back to the issue of prostate cancer! What we all want is an early diagnosis and an effective treatment if we could do that then we wouldnt have to spend the massive amount we currently do on late stage prostate cancer.

    Dr Hasim Hameds HIFU for early stage prostate cancer deserves more than a passing comment lets hope that randomised phase III trials will prove the findings of phase I/II.

    Do the drug companies – prostate surgeons – prostate radiologists want to see a early diagnosis of prostate cancer?

    Is there more MONEY in treatment than finding a cure for prostate cancer??


  2. This rings a bell; “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” This in most cases never can be applied. Ill health is personal so what applies for the majority no longer counts.
    In my early years as an epidemiologist I was happy to develop treatment algorithms as to who should recieve XY&Z treatment. Now as an older epidemiologist and about to be denied treatments based on age I am horrified.


  3. Has Otis Brawley disclosed any relationship with Obama or his administration? Quite dubious that the chief medical and scientific officer of the American Cancer Society would take issue with a “war” on cancer, with corporations profiting from the success of cancer treatment, and minimize the morbidity of the leading cause of cancer in African American men, who also represent nearly half of all prostate cancer deaths! Our fight to keep available PSA screening for this disease runs through Brawley and CMS. Socialism is for the people, not the Socialist. Buffett and Carter will get all available treatment, regardless of expense, and I’ll bet Brawley knows well his PSA level. If he doesn’t, he ought to get hazard pay from his buddy, the president.


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