Mother’s day and prostate cancer.

Isn’t she gorgeous? Orators become dumb when beauty pleadeth.

Two days after I had my prostate removed….the five year anniversary is today(I think) my wife and I set off to the condo on Orange Beach, Alabama. In a way it is a blessing and a curse we did that. I have horrible memories of the time that I remember every time we go there and then I have wonderful memories for exactly the same stimulus. Go figure. The above picture was taken at the condo there about a week ago. The lines, the checks, the shadows and then…my two girls.

But more importantly during this difficult time (basically not knowing what the future held regarding the two “I’s” (incontinence and impotence) was one of the best times of my marriage. I have a friend whose wife could not deal with all the “sh..” associated with prostate cancer and ultimately abandoned him. In my situation, just the opposite. It was absolutely a beautiful thing and a thing I will not ever forget and something I harken back to if some small incident in marriage encourages me to be petty. I have said previously that in many ways I wish that now was like then. Really…it was beautiful. No doubt that I had the support of a loved one. No doubt my friend.

It was not clear to me untill I was reviewing my book, that I realized how intertwined my wife was in the entire journey, particularly keeping my children informed about my situation. I could not do it.

Anyway the story associated to the link below is around that time at the beach after my surgery and is cute and a bit informative to the male in a similar situation or one not knowing what to expect.

Also…mother’s day is coming up… and it is with moistness in my eyes that I tell you that my wife of 30 so years has never “dropped the ball” (as my mother would say) or has she ever disappointed me or my children as a mother…(to include my post prostatectomy experience.)

Okay…the picture above…they are indeed both gorgeous…but I am referring to my silly little ole wife. (She adores Penelope too, by the way.)

3 Replies to “Mother’s day and prostate cancer.”

  1. I can’t agree with your sentiments more. I’m 44 years old and just had my prostatectomy 9 days ago. (Things are going very well for me in recovery.) My wife of 20 years has also been a fabulous supporter through it all.

    I’ve learned a lot by following and reading your blog. Thanks so much for doing this. You are providing a lot of great material for other men facing the same things.


  2. Prostate cancer involves both the survivor and partner. Only open, honest communication allows you to meet the challenges and avoid the pitfalls.
    Go team go


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