Wait til americans get a load of how government run health care will decide who gets what treatment for prostate cancer..



Second Al Megrahi prostate cancer drug  ‘too expensive’ for NHS

PROSTATE cancer patients are to be denied a life-extending drug used to treat   Abdelbaset Also Mohmed Al Megrahi, the Lockerbie bomber.

NHS patients are being denied two new prostate cancer drugs reportedly taken by Lockerbie bomber Al Megrahi

NHS patients are being denied two new prostate cancer drugs reportedly taken by Lockerbie bomber Al Megrahi Photo: REUTERS


Stephen Adams

By , Medical Correspondent

7:00AM BST 11 May 2012

NICE Don’t Sound So Nice To Me!

The Libyan terrorist has survived almost three years after a doctor said he   had only months to live and he was released on “compassionate” grounds from   a Scottish prison.

Al Megrahi, 60, is believed to be taking cabazitaxel to combat his prostate   cancer.

But the drugs funding watchdog has decided against allowing its use on the NHS   as it claimed the drug only extends life by three months and at £22,000 is   too expensive.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) reached the   same decision in February about another prostate cancer drug taken by Al   Megrahi, abiraterone, as it they said only extends life by four months on   average.

Critics say the two new drugs give some patients much longer than three or   four extra months and do not cost as much as Nice claims.

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