What song is on the flip side of the Beatles “Let it be?” Prostate cancer blog wants to know the name.

It is better to be quite and appear dumb than speak and remove all doubt.

Okay then….who played the sax for the song?

The song by the Beatles on the flip side of “Let it be” circa 1970 has always been a favorite of mine , but most likely most of you have never heard it and if you did and even if you claim to be a Beatle affectionado if you heard it you’d probably disagree that they are the artists. How do I know this? Well I have played it for folks and asked and I have hid it in a playlist in the operating room and set people up. Early into the list I entice some unsuspecting O.R. staff member to claim they are a “Big Beatles Fan.” The later when the song comes on I ask , “Who is this.” Only one time did someone get it and that person the next day gave me as a gift the actual 45. Here’s what happened:

So we are in the operating room about 5 years ago or so and the song comes on. I ask , “Who did this?” No one knows and then Brenda Smith who is about my age and from Lanett , Alabama initially says ,” Wait a minute. I know this.” She then says, “The Rolling Stones.” And then quickly says, ” No. It’s the Beatles.” ( I played football at LaGrange High and started my first game against Lanett.

Turns out Brenda grew up somewhere in Texas and worked in a record store in high school and was and still is a big fan of music and she remembered selling “Let it be” and in turn the song on the “B” side.

“I think I still have that 45,” she says. “Do you want it. I’ll give it to you if I can find it.”

“I’d love it,” I say. Not to be out done however I add, “Well what is the name of the song.”

And she knew it.

She brought me the 45 and I framed in such a way that you could hang it on either side and see the titles. I had Brenda’s name put on each side, “Donated by Brenda Smith.” We have a bit closer friends since then “kindred spirits” my mother would say. I have it in my office and see i everyday because it is over our water machine. I may move it to a more prominent position, maybe the waiting room or at the check out area in my office. A conversation piece….”So you are a Beatle fan you say,” as I am handing out samples of Viagra. “What is on the flip side of this record.” I could do it 15 times a day just like I do showing pictures of Penelope and asking, ” Isn’t her saliva pretty. I”d kiss her right where it makes that bubble near the stick in her mouth.

Brian Jones did the sax and was a Rolling Stones member at the time. (The picture they show is from a college here in Georgia. Georgia Southern in Statesboro, Georgia. Remember the song,”Statesboro blues” by the Almand Brothers Band. Georgia Southern was known for having a great baseball team year after year and being named one year one of the biggest “Party Schools” in the U.S.)

Good evening and welcome to Slaggers featuring Denis O’dell.

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