anything new in prostate cancer …. not really…same ole same ole…$2034.34 was how much it cost to fix the pos white

in capitalism it’s one man controlling another, with socialism the reverse is true

I went to a funeral yesterday and learned that the accident that led to the passing away of the person was complicated by a GMC brand car’s air bag not deploying.

My wife is a bit flummoxed by my getting the white van fixed.

“Its got an air bag,” I say.

“The van is  over 16 years old and the air bags  may not work  John,” she says and the whole thing starts over after we learn about the air bags at the funeral.

Anyway the van now rides like a dream. The transmission was fixed by an old school transmission guy that a patient of mine who is in his seventies and drives a Ford Falcon (anyone remember that one). My mother had a Ford Falcon station wagon when I was in the sixth grade. I remember one of my older brothers trying to drive it and the car was put in forward instead of reverse and it ran into the brick wall of the that bordered the drive way. That dent was never fixed. We never fixed anything. I never remember any person or company ever coming to any house I ever lived in to fix something save a cousin of my grandmother’s who had an electrical company. Insects and cockroaches? We lived with them. Hearing them scurry when the kitchen light went on was matter of fact. Didn’t everybody have roaches? That’s what I thought. I did not know different until I got married and my wife went berserk at the sight of one on the porch. What?

So anyway for now I am styling in the pos white.

I still have the issue of a rear view mirror. I bought the mirror glue and cleaner and have replaced now three times and every time I adjust the mirror it falls off into my hand. One time I glued the little metal thing that the mirror attaches to upside down and that was the one time it stuck and stayed glued. I had a hell of a time “prying” it off. Now I am out of glue and cleaner and just doing without. As my mother would say, ” We can’t have nothin.” I’ll buy some more tomorrow and if I continue to be unsuccessful I may call the glass people for help. I am at the cabin now and have glues for making fly rods and I am considering using a concoction of epoxy to do the mirror. I am still thinking on that one.

For the three people in Gainesville, Georgia that read my blog and have inquired about whether I will fix the van or give up on it….I am keeping it but will be gently looking for another ride.

Now about prostate cancer…all I read about is new FDA approved drugs for advanced prostate cancer. What in the world is that about? No new treatments for cure? Won’t pay for screening? What does this mean? Does the phrase, ” Follow the money” have any relevance here? Let me opine by way of a podcast. Enjoy and opine won’t you?

One Reply to “anything new in prostate cancer …. not really…same ole same ole…$2034.34 was how much it cost to fix the pos white”

  1. Dr John – You are a riot, Yes I believe you can fix your car/truck but if your not sure about the air bags – have them checked out! Also I read your blog whenever it gets sent to me and I just want to say that I was around when the Beatles came on the Ed Sullivan Show and my cousin who is 2 years younger was into the Beatles – heavily – even had wallpaper with the Beatles on it! And now to the tomatoes – my mother – who died when I was 24 always used the open kettle method of canning, she would have us wash the jars very carefully and then slow boil the tomatoes – then pour hot water over the jars and the tops – then put them on the table with a table cloth under neath and then we would have to listen for the pops (the lids suctioning in) look at the book store for an old mason canning book – it would be in there. Your house smells great and especially when my mother would can peaches, or plums – she canned everything – my favorite was mincemeat – ohh. Ok Dr John can you tell me about Immunoglobulin G (IgG) last year my husband’s lab was 634 this year it is 530, he went thru Hodgkins CA with chemo then radiation, now its more his inlarged prostrate I’m worried about – His PSA was 7.59 in 2009 then 12.9 last December 2011 and now 10.8 a few months ago. My husband had 54 biopies none cancerous and in October of this year he will be going back to see if his testerone level has increased – it was 217 2 months ago and his doctor put him on Androgel? The Androgel has made his nipples sensitive, and he has a short anger (Whew). Our cancer doctor told me to call and change his Androgel to something that is not cancer fast growing but my husband said we will wait until we go to his urologist? Can you give me your insight – anything would be appreciated (sorry about my spelling). Also I just want you to know that I love all of the honest comments and posts – I also am in the medical field but at the moment off because of a torn ACL and muscle – so I have time to read. Thank You – Keep the Faith Doris


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