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and we named our children after towns we’d never been to….so proud of ourselves for using so many verbs and nouns….


2012-09-20 to Today


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Home page / Archives More stats 592
the dreaded prostate biopsy revealed More stats 161
When is a prostate nodule a nodule and do nodules always mean prostate cancer? More stats 115
holy bloody mess batman!….the bleeding scrotum capo…i mean caper…tmi? More stats 92
Can you get cancer from having sex with a man who has prostate cancer?…Part Two-response to a comment. More stats 82
My bladder spasm experience More stats 75
“The” biggest and most common misconception/myth about the treatment of prostate cancer by the mighty robot! More stats 74
How I as a urologist made my “Decision.” More stats 65
“Decision” Process More stats 63
high psa and normal prostate biopsy-what does that mean? well that you don’t have prostate cancer…maybe. More stats 57
Incontinence after prostate cancer surgery-It will probably be the wife buying the diapers More stats 55
After a radical prostatectomy if you ain’t holden urine (total incontinence) then it’s goin right thru More stats 45
Five men-Five stories-Five deicisions about what to do about one’s prostate cancer More stats 44
#4622 (untitled) More stats 44
Reed’s prostate cancer journey process More stats 43
Risk factors of prostate cancer and a smoking President Obama More stats 40
McHugh Decision Worksheet/Cheatsheet More stats 39
Question: Urine leaks around catheter after prostatectomy. Is this normal? More stats 35
If you can feel a prostate nodule-its probably too late. Obamacare? More stats 34
If an elevated PSA goes down after antibiotics does that mean you don’t have prostate cancer? More stats 34
#4625 (untitled) More stats 34
Flooding around my catheter, blood around my catheter after a radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer More stats 33
Prostate Diaries More stats 33
Prostate cartoons More stats 32
The significance of the Gleason’s Score and why we “CAN” tell the difference between the slow growing and the bad kind in prostate cancer. The dirty little secret? You have to do the biopsy to know. More stats 31
#4634 (untitled) More stats 28
Elevated PSA? To biopsy or not to biopsy-that is the question. More stats 26
Prostate Cancer Blog search question: PSA at 5, prostate removed thirteen years ago. What’s wrong? More stats 25
For prostate cancer the free PSA is helpful, but not fool-proof and is only one of the arrows in your prostate cancer decision making-quiver. More stats 24
Post prostatectomy male anatomy-significance More stats 24
“But I had radiation for my prostate cancer over 5 years ago!” Blood and clots in the urine after radiation for prostate cancer. More stats 23
Dr. Jo-An’s Sexuality Survey More stats 23
#4637 (untitled) More stats 22
Famous Men with Prostate Cancer More stats 22
Prostate cancer and urology jokes More stats 22
Wives/partners More stats 22
can you remove the prostate for prostate cancer if you have had radiation (external or seeds)? well…yes and no. More stats 22
McHugh Decision Cheat Sheet-It is imperative that you understand and have considered each of the questions in order to make the “Right Decision” for you. More stats 21
The anatomy of the prostate- “Water and Nerves” More stats 21
question:my prostate was removed-the psa went to .1 and now is rising. More stats 21
When to do a prostate biopsy for an elevated PSA-Well….that depends. More stats 21
Perineural invasion found on prostate needle biopsy and significance in prostate cancer-what does it mean? More stats 20
Question: What’s it like having radiation after prostatectomy for prostate cancer? northeast georgia urology More stats 17
Bloody urine and radiation cystitis? But I had radiation for prostate cancer five years ago! More stats 17
My biopsy experience More stats 17
What should I expect after a prostate biopsy checking for prostate cancer because of an elevated PSA? More stats 17
Press release/News articles More stats 17
Author Book Inteview with Sarah Palin More stats 16
Top 10 Online Influencers for Prostate Cancer More stats 16
Diaper Diaries-A screenplay More stats 15
Surgery or radiation for prostate cancer? More stats 14
Author More stats 13
Men’s Health article-”I want my prostate back.” More stats 13
McHugh Decision Worksheet More stats 12
My letter to the New York Times in regards to Richard Albin discoverer of PSA-(Not accepted) More stats 11
Are you smarter than a fifth grader? More stats 11
One of Frank Zappa’s last interviews before succumbing to prostate cancer at age 52 two years after diagnosis. More stats 11
How to “manage” your urologist and the pain associated with the prostate biopsy. More stats 11
The day I made “The Decision”, what will do it for you? More stats 11
Penelope Chases a Stick More stats 10
question about prostate cancer….high Gleason’s / low PSA… can this be? More stats 10
watch out dr oz and live rectal exams…live prostate biopsies on patients doing impersonations. Which do you like the best? Please comment. More stats 9
sex and prostate cancer…some caveats. More stats 9
If you remove the prostate you are cured right? Wrong…well maybe. More stats 9
Can you get cancer if you have sex with a man who has prostate cancer? More stats 9
the anxiety of waiting on the prostate biopsy is something else my friend More stats 9
is there a difference in who does your rectal exam for the detection of prostate cancer? a prostate cartoon More stats 8
The biopsy specifics- The Disease- Your’s is specific to you! More stats 8
How I as a urologist made “my decision.” Don’t do what I did, do it the “way” I did. More stats 8
Prostate cancer and a little knowledge is a dangerous thing… More stats 8
Are you smarter than a fifth grader…about prostate cancer? More stats 7
Free PSA low-Damn it More stats 7
Prostate cancer question for Prostate Diaries: Can you have sex the morning of a prostate biopsy? More stats 7
Top ten prostate cancer myths-the right decision starts here More stats 7
penis vests, anthurium, erectile dysfunction, prostate cancer-overview of ED options-6 things you can do More stats 7
eunuch monks don’t get prostate cancer- bald and infertile men More stats 7
Why do men leak urine after having the prostate removed for prostate cancer? More stats 7
Phrases people search on google about prostate cancer that end up on prostate diaries week ending 4/09 More stats 6
After the biopsy More stats 6
Masturbation and tomatoes More stats 6
Prostate Cancer and Male Sexuality- A Groundbreaking Survey by Dr. Jo-An Baldwin Peters More stats 6
Is the internal sphincter important to post prostatectomy continence in the treatment prostate cancer? More stats 6
Penile rehabilitation…is that like a witness protection program…what did it do wrong? More stats 6
I think the Breast cancer pink shoes made a NFL place kicker miss. Baby blue is much more football friendly. The AUA has work to do! More stats 6
The Prostate CAncer gene 3 (PCA3) assay vs. the Free PSA….a prostate cancer title fight..”and in this corner…” More stats 5
waiting on the biopsy report about melanoma….prostate cancer deja vu all over again More stats 5
my folk’s came into america through mobile bay alabama…i am irish…my father was…my mother converted big time… More stats 5
Live prostate exam on Dr. Oz- Of 200 men in the audience 68%had never had a prostate exam…and that my friend is the issue! More stats 5
Does having a prostate biopsy “spread” or “let the cancer get out?” More stats 5
Cartoon primer on prostate  cancer and the ” rectal refusal syndrome” peculiar to the male. Part II in a series. More stats 5
a different take on the mri-spectroscopy for prostate cancer- and other sundry thoughts and usage of this modality More stats 5
Some people just can’t tell a joke More stats 5
Question: Would the Interstim device from Medtronics help post prostatectomy incontinence like it does for female urinary incontinence?  Northeast Georgia Urology More stats 5
risk calculator for prostate cancer….would my numbers have changed anything? is this a circle and we end up where we were i.e. a certain percentage chance of prostate cancer? at what percentage does one “pull da trigger?” More stats 5
Treatment options-A major inconvenience? More stats 5
Vasectomy 101:Gainesville’s Northeast Georgia Urology Group, NGUA (Everything you wanted to know about a vasectomy but were afraid to ask.) More stats 5
another man’s story…prostate cancer-dana jennings-new york times…all i can say is man oh man! More stats 5
Question:what do you do when the prostate cancer comes back? Did it ever leave? More stats 5
Another man’s story and his process More stats 5
HIFU-Is this the up and coming “new robotic” for prostate cancer? More stats 4
Prostate cancer diagnosed too late to cure…how can this be? More stats 4
the prostate and prostate cancer….the rodney dangerfield of cancers and organs More stats 4
Dry with a diaper-potent with a pill More stats 4
a Bart Simpson ” damned if you do and damned if you don’t” issue..what to do with a high psa and one negative prostate biopsy? More stats 4
Considering the possibility of incontinence after prostatectomy More stats 4
Five reasons not to have a robotic radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer. More stats 4
Question: Can you see prostate cancer on ultrasound? If not why is it used? More stats 4
Couples facing prostate cancer together More stats 4
For humor to be effective there must be an element of truth. That the family guy “prostate” episodes are funny shows that men in general would rather not have the prostate exam. This “rectal refusal syndrom” plays a role in delaying the diagnosis of prostate cancer. More stats 4
Question: Options for failed or failing cryosurgery for prostate cancer. More stats 4
American Cancer Society’s Guidelines for Early Detection More stats 4
If I remove the prostate for prostate cancer I’m cured right? Maybe! The importance of the Partin table. More stats 4
Prostate cancer question: Describe significant PSA pre and post prostatectomy,nanoknife,proton beam,HIFU,radiation therapy. More stats 4
“I have good news. I have prostate cancer!” More stats 4
The vicissitudes of the condom cathether More stats 4
Being diagnosed of prostate cancer when it is too late to cure and dying of prostate cancer in one’s prime…Deja Vu all over again! More stats 4
the deal on condom catheters and post prostatectomy urinary incontinence More stats 4
prostate cancer active surveillance and upgrading of the Gleason’s score on subsequent biopsies…new or was it there all along? More stats 4
Is staging necessary in low to intermediate risk prostate cancer? Are we talking about me or are we talking about everybody else? More stats 3
the vicissitudes of prostate cancer, androgen deprivation – “hormone” therapy and how it relates to the locerbie bomber More stats 3
prostate cancer and smelling like basil….what? a honey do list or the O’Reilly Factor and prostate cancer…she’s looking out for you! More stats 3
Prostate cancer affects both husband and wife More stats 3
Prostate cancer treatments: Robotic vs. open prostatectomy? A new car vs. one that is old (and paid for) but works and gets you from point A to point B. A foreboding of healthcare to come? More stats 3
The concept of “Years at risk” and why its important in your decision More stats 3
Obamacare and the vasectomy…Obamacare and the elderly male with prostate cancer? Reminds me of a urology joke… More stats 3
Northeast Georgia Urology Group in Gainesville, Georgia Seeking New Associate Urologist More stats 3
The issues More stats 3
No Needle No Scalpel Vasectomy Info-cartoon for Northeast Georgia More stats 3
Prostate cancer and Urology joke #2 More stats 3
Happy Birthday Jennie Cooper! The photo of The Beatles crossing Abbey Road taken on August 8th 1969. No Beatle has prostate cancer…yet. More stats 3
question: if the prostate cancer comes back after prostatectomy, do you have to use hormones “and” radiation? More stats 3
The pain of the prostate biopsy precedes itself More stats 3
Don’t you dare let that mean ole urologist biopsy your prostate for profit! More stats 3
prostate vs breast cancer… are different animals…they won’t collect money to walk three days for a cause….. More stats 3
prostate nodule and its significance to prostate cancer decision making? penelope has some thoughts! More stats 3
Two new questions about prostate cancer:Libido and Free PSA More stats 2
When it comes to prostate cancer decisions….it’s all about what a man can ” wrap his mind around.” More stats 2
Why do the epidemiologists just pick on prostate cancer with the “informed decision” argument? What about other cancers? More stats 2
“Who are you” factors and why it matters. More stats 2
an old urology joke exposes the “male awareness” problem with prostate cancer More stats 2
A new prostate cancer blog toy…polls and surveys….Do you have a question for the viewers? More stats 2
How much would you pay for three months of life if you were dying of prostate cancer? More stats 2
Circumcision and Prostate Cancer….What will they think of next? More stats 2
Rectal swab culture to prevent infections after prostate biopsy in checking for prostate cancer? PSA screening all over again? More stats 2
Frank Sinatra’s chef- Dining for a Cure-Prostate cancer More stats 2
Clark Howard on his prostate cancer-”Naturally, he said, if things really go bad, he will have treatment.” More stats 2
question:will the prostate ultrasound always show prostate cancer? More stats 2
anything new in prostate cancer …. not really…same ole same ole…$2034.34 was how much it cost to fix the pos white More stats 2
prostate cancer and the walnut and other fruits and vegetables the prostate is akin to More stats 2
prostate cancer, podcasts, prostate cancer blogs, chairs, and a poignant point about active surveillance… More stats 2
Prostate cancer, Warren Buffet, American Cancer Society’s Otis Brawley, Obama  and “Do as I say not as I do.” Mr. Brawley please educate Mr. Buffett. More stats 2
Prostate Diaries Search Question:Why do I have to wait three months after prostate biopsy to have a prostatectomy? Think….Denonvillier’s and a surgeon adverse to risk. More stats 2
question:do you need a rectal exam  after a prostatectomy or radiation for prostate cancer? More stats 2
the foundation of prostate cancer decision making…rectal exam, psa and the specifics of “your” disease…it’s not about your uncle Bob or your buddy at church did about “their” cancer! More stats 2
Gainesville’s Northeast Georgia Urology Group To Give Away a Big Green Egg to Lucky Vasectomy/Vasectomy Reversal Patient More stats 2
PSA and Prostate Cancer: A Fool with a tool is still a fool? I am an advocate of getting one as a baseline in the man about 40 or so, then every two years with the GP’s exam. More stats 2
Prostate Cancer 70% lifestyle? More stats 2
prostate cancer, bored to death, ted danson, “fiscally responsible, sexually…out of control.” Why the McHugh ” Who are you” factors are so important in your decision. More stats 2
Prostate cancer and the three kinds of lies….lies, damned lies, and statistics! Facts from the American Cancer Society but nothing about death. What? More stats 2
Prostate cancer questions?….there’s an app for that! Northeast Georgia urologist launches prostate cancer decision-making app – ProstateMd. More stats 2
Healthy 63 yr old with prostate cancer and favorable parameters on prostate biopsy report. Which treatment for prostate cancer best? More stats 2
Letter to Amy regarding E.D. More stats 2
common search on google that gets to prostate diaries…”sex drive after prostatectomy.” More stats 2
Hmmmmm…what do the doctors who actually treat prostate cancer patients (urologists) think about the PSA and the USPSTF? More stats 2
Prostate cancer the Rodney Dangerfield of Cancers and Louis Prima’s Gigolos- Don’t nobody care for me More stats 2
Pin, active surveillance and prostate cancer….iceberg feinberg it’s all the same to me…..PIN the new Active Surveillance More stats 2
Banned from the American Cancer Society!(and rightfully so) More stats 2
How can a PSA go up if the prostate has been removed for prostate cancer? More stats 2
“The Decision”- Table of Contents More stats 2
Motivation for seeking treatment for ED…The women’s perspective-(This is good) More stats 2
Question: Will prescribing Cipro for a rising PSA after a radical prostatectomy make a difference? More stats 2
How the urologist is like a car salesman when it comes to prostate cancer decision making. There’s an art to both professions. More stats 2
My book’s website More stats 2
What would you recommend if I were your dad? More stats 2
Sexual function after one is treated for prostate cancer has a lot to do with the level of sexual function “before” the treatment, regardless of the type of treatment chosen. More stats 2
How would you tell loved ones you have prostate cancer or melanoma? Have you seen “The Big C?” More stats 2
what is the “real difference” between a proton and a photon as it relates to the treatment of prostate cancer? More stats 2
The Decision, a prostate cancer book by a urologist who’s a patient- A book review. Good or bad? More stats 1
Cheech and Chong and Prostate Cancer and Cannabis. More stats 1
Question:I am on prostate cancer surveillance. Can I use testosterone? More stats 1
Question: Why would you castrate someone for prostate cancer? Because you don’t like them? More stats 1
The real story about the PSA test and prostate cancer. Are you there New York Times and Richard Albin? More stats 1
Apples to apples-prostates to prostates More stats 1
Decision point and the Marias River and the Lewis and Clark expedition. What will be the “decision point” in your prostate cancer decision journey? More stats 1
If Bud Abbott died of prostate cancer in 1974 then “when” did Costello die? No…”when” is in right field. More stats 1
Prostate Cancer Podcast-Frank Zappa and Prostate cancer and why it’s important. More stats 1
The number one tweet for March 1 in regards to prostate cancer. Superior test! More stats 1
If you are 40 or older, you need a  baseline prostate exam and psa to check for prostate cancer. More stats 1
Hot tubs linked to prostate cancer…well everything else is! More stats 1
A male mastectomy? Men’s ego and pride take a hit with prostate cancer More stats 1
the number one tweet on twitter today in regards to prostate cancer? Provenge-the concept of the future for all cancers? Tuberculosis and bladder cancer-do you know the connection? More stats 1
What song is on the flip side of the Beatles “Let it be?” Prostate cancer blog wants to know the name. More stats 1
Risk of infection with prostate biopsy versus the risk of not diagnosing prostate cancer. Which is worse? More stats 1
Of prostate cancer, post treatment ED, worms, Larry Munson, and a joke. More stats 1
prostate cancer prevention? I’d rather just be lucky More stats 1
Ted Danson helped out with prostate cancer long before “Bored to Death.” More stats 1
“Bored To Death’s” Ted Danson has Stage II prostate cancer. What does that mean? More stats 1
mushrooms, tomatoes, walnuts, coffee…you name it…it will prevent or treat prostate caner.. i have a mushroom story from the 70′s More stats 1
Which of the following guidelines regarding screening protocols for prostate cancer would have saved Frank Zappa or Richard Albin’s father? Hmmmmmmmmm. More stats 1
Obamacare and prostate cancer-The USPSTF…meet your new urologist. More stats 1
Dad’s New Gig More stats 1
Prostate cancer widows letter to the editor More stats 1
Mother’s day and prostate cancer. More stats 1
I just want to be lucky More stats 1
prostate cancer, frank zappa, yellow snow  and cancer sniffing dogs More stats 1
prostate cancer and root canals…it’s about using all the “ists” at your disposal. More stats 1
PCA3, psa,prostate cancer and what costs less- finding prostate cancer early or when it is too late to cure? More stats 1
A man in his early 40′s diagnosed with Gleason’s 7 prostate cancer with normal gland on exam and slightly elevated PSA. More stats 1
Moishe Rosen’s (1932-2010) perspective on terminal prostate cancer one year ago-poignant More stats 1
A low or normal PSA and still have prostate cancer? You bet! More stats 1
sexual function aftermath of the treatment of prostate cancer-it’s complicated More stats 1
Five reasons to choose removing your prostate for prostate cancer instead of radiation. More stats 1
Prostate Cancer: Do you need to have a second opinion…on the biopsy path report? More stats 1
Pappa’s got a brand new bag…… and  James Brown had prostate cancer too! The hardest working man in show “bisnis.” More stats 1
Prostate cancer, ProstateMd app and a Wife’s intuition More stats 1
why doesn’t prostate diaries mention (specifically) proton therapy or HIFU for the treatment of prostate cancer? More stats 1
When it comes to prostate cancer…”Just the facts mam, just the facts.” More stats 1
June 6   D-day or E-day? More stats 1
Looking for a source of prostate cancer news? How about ProstateDiaries on Twitter. More stats 1
prostate cancer: how long does a six month LHRH shot last? who is buried in grant’s tomb? two similar questions with obvious answers but it is not quite that simple. think intermittent hormone therapy. More stats 1
Prostate cancer podcasts-Helpful for certain issues,helpful for blog? More stats 1
“Mr. Smith I spared your nerves during your prostatectomy for prostate cancer.” As my mother would say,”Oh spare me!” More stats 1
three types of lies-lies, damned lies, and statistics…a paraPROSdokian and PROState cancer More stats 1
well dahhhhhhhh! you gotta a da vinci robot….take that nasty ole prostate cancer out….put a fork in it my frin …it’s done! addendum…proton hearing this? More stats 1
Valentine’s Gift…A Prostate Exam? What ever happened to flowers and candy? More stats 1
“to thine own self be true”  and prostate cancer treatment decision making More stats 1
prostate cancer in jamaica, michael rows the boat ashore, ackee and cultural issues related to the delayed diagnosis of prostate cancer More stats 1
Prostate cancer, the genealogy of “a little knowledge” and the used car salesman More stats 1
A woman’s intuition and the “male mastectomy” More stats 1
potholes and prostate cancer…no relation I just said that… More stats 1
“Let’s fire this baby up.” More stats 1
What is the cause of the “rectal refusal syndome” in the early detection of prostate cancer? More stats 1
Who or what exactly did Mr. Layton do battle with…himself or prostate cancer? More stats 1
prostate cancer: no voiding symptoms don’t mean no cancer More stats 1
prostate cancer decision making: what’s good for the goose may not be good for the gander-a prostate cancer podcast More stats 1
proxy headlines and prostate cancer-sex drive is different than impotence-Andrew Lloyd Webber ‘Love never dies’ composer More stats 1
Very candid discussion about prostate cancer and the dreaded two “I” s. Incontinence and Impotence following the treatment of Prostate cancer. More stats 1
What is a Free PSA? More stats 1
Decision-making illustrations from “The Decision” Amazon’s Kindle number one book on prostate cancer. More stats 1
What does Newt Gingrich, Hillary, Orange Beach, The FloraBama, and Prostate Cancer have in common? Nothing, just something to get you to read this post! More stats 1
Prostate cancer and Eugene, Oregon…what? Question: Are you tiring of Prostate Cancer Survivor Stories? More stats 1
Bill Aucoin, Kiss, Billy Idol, Cutthroat Trout, and Post Modern Music, Fly fishing, and of course that ole chestnut…Prostate cancer. More stats 1
“The Decision” A Prostate Cancer Decision Guide By Northeast Georgia Urologist John McHugh M.D. – A Finalist In The Eric Hoffer Award For Health More stats 1
apples to apples, another man’s prostate cancer journey, bill clinton, peyronie’s disease, prostatic acid phosphatase More stats 1
katie couric… I feel your pain… a guy with prostate cancer now has to do the other evaluation that every man hates….colonoscopy… I’d have a rectal exam any day! More stats 1
The biopsy’s done-now pondering the possibilities More stats 1
I found it! Iceberg feinberg it’s all the same to me…could this be true for prostate cancer treatments? More stats 1
What women can do. From Men’s Health Network More stats 1
Are all prostate cancers the same? More stats 1
nano nano-mork and mindy, prostate cancer and new treatments- insider tip: when it comes to new procedures, in general you don’t want to be “the first one.” More stats 1
Chinese remedies for Prostate cancer? Why didn’t I think of that? More stats 1


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