People do die of prostate cancer….it might not be “most” but men do indeed die of it my friend!

Is your prostate cancer the same as your uncle Harry's. What does "most" mean? Is your prostate cancer like everyone else and are all prostate cancers the same? Hmmmmmmm?
Is your prostate cancer the same as your uncle Harry’s. What does “most” mean? Is your prostate cancer like everyone else and are all prostate cancers the same? Hmmmmmmm?

Well that depends on the definition of most is? Does 30,000 seem like a small number to you?

Prostate cancer is mostly slow growing. Yes. Prostate cancer usually affects the old. Yes. Most people die with it instead of – of it. Yes. Do young people die of it? Yes. Are men diagnosed young and are inoperable at the time of diagnosis too late to cure? Yes. What’s a man to do?

I humbly recommend that you look at the facts and numbers and not costs and epidemiological (is that even a word?) statistics when it comes time to make your prostate decisions. One in a hundred is 100% if it’s you!

So….which will you be? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?         One of the 30,000?    You are a big boy…Are you fer it or agin it?

From “The Decision.”


Don’t be clever by half.

 On one particular occasion (however it has happened countless times) I had just told a patient that his biopsy showed cancer. I began to lay out an overview of the options and happened to start with surgery. Before I could continue, the patient told me, “My brother has a friend who has prostate cancer, and he did radiation because his doctor told him that if he had surgery he’d be impotent and that surgery lets air get to the prostate and will make it spread. My brother and his friend told me to steer clear of surgery.” A little knowledge – Don’t get too cute with what you’ve learned from your research; there is no reason to “go it alone” in making your decision.

Now, normally I will take a deep breath and slowly explain the pros and cons of both radiation and surgery and the concept of apples to apples, but sometimes I have a little fun showcasing the folly of how some patients will place so much credence on something someone has told them. On this occasion I said, “Mr. Jones, thank you for sharing that with me. What type of work does your brother do?” “He sells insurance.” “Thank you. And what type of work does your brother’s friend do?” “I think he builds houses.” I then said,” Okay. Based on what you have told me, this is what I’d recommend for your cancer. My advice to you would be for you to do what your brother said his friend was told by his doctor about your brother’s friend’s cancer. Do you have any other questions for me?”

3 Replies to “People do die of prostate cancer….it might not be “most” but men do indeed die of it my friend!”

  1. i have prostate cancer sine 1999 psa 5 gl. score that time was 4 i have had no treatment as of now 2013 the wanted to do radiation then i said no im 79 now went on a good diet mostly veggies took supplements do some juicing my psa 1s about 6or seven gl. score is 6 ive been w,w. all those years well see what happens thanks for your site john quinn


  2. I Think that if you know that you have prostate cancer, my belief is that it is wise to get it treated, even though you cannot predict the outcome,and I would like to share my experience for what it is worth.
    One year ago I was diagnosed with PC. Nine out of 12 core biopsies were positive with a Psa of 13.5+ 4+3 gleason scale.I also had an MRI bone scan showing that although there was no evidence of spread to the bones or lymph nodes there was a possibility that it had spread to my left seminal vesicle. For my sins I have for the past year been having Zoladx impants and that it may be neccessary for me to continue them for three years.I have also been given 37 IMRT treatments, and my psa is now 0.2.
    Unfortunateley since commencing the Zoladex and whilst observing my B/p becaue of the possible side effects I noticed that it had rocketed to 105 /110 and was given Amlodypine 5mgm. in addition to Diovan 40mgm daily which corrected the imbalance.I will be seeing my Oncologist, and Gp. after my winter holiday.
    but underwent health screening whilst away .My ultrasound report showed that I had diffuse thickening of the bladder wall 8mm. which I am assuming is a byproduct of my radiotherapy treatment and subsequently my discomfort sometimes when I micturate. In addition I have begun having powerfully intense, and consistent pain in my left pelvic region and left flank.

    If there are any interested urologists out there who read thi blog I would gratefully welcome thir comments.


  3. The statistics may state that a small percentage of men die from prostate cancer but as john so rightly states if it is you it is 100%.. It is not a nice way to die so why take a chance.


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