Lose urine with sex after removal of prostate for prostate cancer?


Well at least you’ve retained your erections- that’s a good thing right?
Also now you have no ejaculate because prostate has been removed and you now know that urine is sterile.
So you have exchanged one type of fluid for another…does that help?

5 Replies to “Lose urine with sex after removal of prostate for prostate cancer?”

  1. Lots of Urine dripping / squirting into wifes openings even with no erections or orgasm Another fact my (yours) prostate surgeon kept secretly from all our discussions before da vinci robot prostatectomy . Sterile urine? I gave my wife UTI infections after every attempt at play. Urology dr prescribed antibiotic pill she must take after every play attempt due to my urine. 2nd fact: she hates my urine going into her mouth. Understandable. Doc has no answer why as urine allegedly is sterile. No test show I have no infections. Prostatectomy surgeon was biggest liar right to our faces we have ever run across in my 56 years.


  2. Yes, Urine may be sterile, but it still disgusts your partner. This topic is a serious problem that gets little attention.


    1. Yes. It was totally absent from all 3 urology docs we met with prior to surgery. Based on my experience and “after prostatectomy” guys it is clear many/most/ all? Surgeons downplay the reality of true results true life living with robotic prostatectomy results. Doxs should be required to give prospective customers written packet with true facts of life after you chose their surgery idea. Reguired to inform by force of law. Its the only to make sure CUSTOMERS/PATIENTS/CLIENTS get placed first in the monetary event.


  3. Due diligence IS getting three different Doctors to tell you all the information about their surgery, all the truths of their surgery, all the truths of the real resultant life afterward their surgeries. And its all up to date, up to that very moment when your contractor, your doctor tells it to you.
    It is useless to read about some OTHER doctor or some OTHER patient experience.
    Only get the truth today from the one who will operate on you, today.
    Nothing else matters. So we get 3 different doctors to tell us their version of their surgery truths. 3 different urologists.
    As my dad always said “dont rely on hearsay or what others say the truth is, you get your information directly from the source, straight from the horses mouth”.
    It is up to the docs we see to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and put the patient first so we can make an informed decision if we want to hire that person, that contractor/doctor to work on us.
    We all need to get wise and stand up to Doctors and make them accountable , by force of law to provide documented proof to prospective clients/patients of their prostatectomy surgery results.
    Thats the only way we can prove that they told us the truth before surgery.
    It will be right there in our hot little hands, all the papers containing all the documented results; the truth was given to us in detail.
    Info like: you will be wet with pee 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for the rest of your life. You will need to find a place for a 20 gallon diaper container which you will need, you must learn how to take your shoes and pants off in a wet floor toilet room in some dirty place somewhere so you can change your diaper. You will need to always have diapers on hand, extra pants on hand for when your diaper didn’t hold all your pee, you will have to get used to your wife shuns intimate activity because your limp penis is wet and it dribbles pee when you move around in bed. You wont be able to lie in bed and play with your wife (by hands or other ) because you will drip pee onto your sheets and mattress pad and mattress, you will always need these icky ‘hospital protector pads (plastic backed) to lie in bed forever unless you want to wear diapers to bed and even with the hospital pads you will get pee on the top sheet if you lie on your back.
    Not all the info here, but perhaps one can start getting a grip on the depth of what really happens.
    Now about erections……
    Year right. Patient will go from ” easily hard, anytime, anywhere, and for as long as you want” nope not really. But thats ok mr patient, you jab a needle in your penis to make it hard (but only 3 times a week). Well what do my wife and I do for the other 4 days and sometimes twice in one day? Hmm?
    Muse cost $65.50 right out of my pocket. Do the math; is that $20,000 a year close?
    I dont have $20,000. Caverject injections cost I think $500 for 6 injections.
    Math: @ 3 times a week, I think thats somewhere around $13,000.
    Tri-mix for injections is about $130 for 10ml vial, must always be refrigerated,
    perhaps 25 injections per vial and the vial really does not stay potent (after powders are mixed by pharmacy) for longer than a month.
    Not bad, only $1,600 a year.
    Cialis 20mg, about $30. x 3per week, x 52 weeks. Whats that cost me?
    Cialis 5mg daily about $180 a month. x 12. What that come to?
    Just the start of truth of what my prostatectomy will do to your erections.
    So the last time Mr patient you will have real erections will be 2 hours before you show up for surgery ( like my wife and i did)
    Oh by the way mr patient AFTER prostatectomy we change the rules on you.
    Forever after we always say and chart “erection sufficient for penetration”
    So if your mr big gets “puffy n floppy about 4 inches and if you can get the two parts to line up just right it may flop in her and we call that 100% success, you should be happy you had an “erection”
    NOT. An real erection is always and only “hard as a rock”, (we used to hang shirts on it while i “helped” put clothes away”, easily hard anytime and full 6.5 inches and you can’t ever bend it ever. If you try to bend it in any direction it really hurts! Not now after prostatectomy, its just becomes a floppy not exciting thing to my wife. Not exciting to me either.
    Just to name a few of the truths of post Robotic prostatectomy.

    All urologists should be forced to tell every man, BEFORE surgery that ” you will not have a bladder neck sphincter after I am done with you”.
    Forced to tell because they do not volunteer that info before surgery.

    And on it goes.
    It is all about the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth for the patient. It is not about what the urologist (surgeon) thinks you need to know before you let him operate on you.
    Just tell us the truth, every detail so we can decide if you have the skill, the history of good or bad surgery results. Then the patient get to decide who he hires to work on him.
    I’ve lived the lies, lived the truth withheld from me and still live (for the rest of my life) the real world poor life after robotic prostatectomy.
    No there guys is just some of the truth.
    I gave it not glossed over, not sugar coated and not withheld from you who read this. Assuming it is allowed to be read. I have no idea.


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