For humor to be effective there must be an element of truth. That the family guy “prostate” episodes are funny shows that men in general would rather not have the prostate exam. This “rectal refusal syndrom” plays a role in delaying the diagnosis of prostate cancer.

A physician must have a ready wit. A dour attitude is offensive to the well and sick alike!

Prostate Diaries

Family guy sues doctor for rectal exam. Violated! 

The reason the above resonates as funny is that many men really feel  this way about a doctor doing  the prostate exam. This in turn leads to attempts at early detection being thwarted. 

You hear about a famous person being ” stricken” with terminal prostate cancer almost weekly. What has happened here is a male that , for whatever reason, had not had a prostate exam or a PSA. They were most probably in good health otherwise, no voiding symptoms and life was perking along just fine. The prostate cancer slowly grows, not causing any voiding symptoms and that is the kicker, and spreads to the bones which does cause symptoms and then and only then does this class of patient goes to the doctor. He then finds that he has “terminal” prostate cancer. 

To me it seems there is a…

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