hubpage another source of prostate cancer information and discussion

i'm a lonely've come a thousand miles to stay away from me...

The picture above is actually fascinating. Today at the lake I was in command of all the five dogs…Bella, Brother, Penelope, and the evil twins Big Baby Girl and Little Longfellow. So for some reason the bass of Lake Lanier in the cove of our little cabin are poppin right now. I can on any given day catch two or three on plastic worms rigged Texas style with ease and usually in the same spot.

So…I feel the tug, I let it run, I set the hook and….Brother…you see his black and white tail here has gone out into the lake and is putting his left hook into the fighting fish and gets the line caught up in his back leg. I have the fishing rod but the line is to Brother and not the fish. The tension of the fish is on Brother, he feels it and it aggravates his going out to the water and the fish all the while almost trampling the fish. Meanwhile Bella, the brown and white dog is fighting Penelope who doesn’t care about the fish but now loves to follow the fishing line in hopes of capturing the plastic worm on its retrieve.

What a mess it was. I did get the picture and released the fish safely after getting all the loops of fishing line off of Brother. Oh Brother!

Now… on the Hubpage thing…jsut another way of getting the word out and there are some interesting perspectives there that you won’t see elsewhere…and that is what it is all about….diversity, arrows in your quiver and bla bla bla…

I think New York’s defense out trumps New England’s Brady…I am sorry. I love him but defense trumps offense any day. We will see…if New York wins you heard it here first.

My adventure into Hubpage

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