prostate cancer decision making a lot like trying to save a tooth….use all the arrows in the quiver my friend!

you can't get what you want until you know what you want

So how is one of my back top left side tooth like prostate cancer decision-making?

  • I crack , a small crack, a tooth eating ice about three years ago.
  • I ignore the crack and slowly with each successive almond or cube of ice the crack gets bigger.
  • The tooth now began to hurt with anything hard forcing me to eat with the right side of my mouth for about two years.
  • One weekend I bite down on a something in a hamburger…grizzle maybe… intense pain.
  • I go to the dentist…I feel like I felt when I was a Catholic growing up when I missed confession and had to tell how long it had been since I had been to confession to the Priest.
  • “That’s a deep crack. We can put a temporary crown on it, but I don’t know John. Not sure we can save that tooth.”
  • “Yep, I can see it now. It’s deep. We’ll put this crown on and see if it cools down. It’s hot alright.”
  • Two weeks pass. The tooth is tender if I push it laterally with my tongue. Otherwise it doesn’t bother me.”
  • I elect to do nothing for about a year.
  • I crack the temporary crown on an almond. I knew better.
  • I go back to the dentist and get another temporary crown. “John, you really need to address that crack.” It’s too deep for a crown. Go see so and so for an implant.
  • I got to a dentist that does implants.
  • “We’ll pull that tooth and three months later we’ll put a graft in it and then if that takes we’ll do the implant.”
  • “Three months? Three months and no tooth?” I look into the mirror and smile and see if someone could see the dark gap. I can.
  • “It’s no big deal. You’ll just look like everybody else in North Georgia,” he says.
  • I do nothing. The new temporary is holding.
  • I ask every dentist I see as a patient what would they do if my tooth was their tooth.
  • “I’d leave it alone until it bothered you. Then probably an implant. I’d let it ride.”

To be continued. Got to get home.

One Reply to “prostate cancer decision making a lot like trying to save a tooth….use all the arrows in the quiver my friend!”

  1. Sorry John I have to steal this blog post I will comment on the original later.

    Ztiga (Abiraterone) been approved for use for men in Wales by the All Wales Medicines Strategy Group as of 4.30pm today. Wales is the only part of the UK where Abiraterone is now available on the NHS. This is a success beyond imagination for those men with docetaxel failed prostate cancer and their loved ones. Here is a result of awareness campaigns having their views taken into consideration. I was one of those that campaigned long and hard for a drug that brings quality of life to men with CRPRC at a time when non exists. Abiraterone is here to stay.


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