Finally! Penelope had quit chasing the lawnmower. Some prostate cancer patients should learn to quit chasing the lastest greatest treatments.

Just because a treatment of the prostate is fancy or new doesn’t mean it’s better. Just because the names are cool….”cyber knife” wow….and on and on….Don’t feel like you have to “chase” the new treatments or the desire to “be one of the first ones done.” I had a resident friend who would be asked about this or that treatment. “Do y’all do that treatment at the Medical College of Georgia?” he’d be asked. “No sir we don’t. We don’t want to the first doing it and we don’t want to be the last. We’d like to see if it works.” Another McHughism? “The worst thing for short-term good results is long-term follow-up.”

Penelope is the almost perfect individual. That is until I am cutting the grass at the lake or fishing at the river. At the river she’ll chase the lure and mess up a perfectly good cast and opportunity to catch something. It goes from hauling in a fish to worrying about if the treble hook will get caught in her mouth and then the obligatory trip to the vet to get it out. Been there done that. She’ll find the fishing line and then trace the trajectory to find the lure and she succeeds in this regardless of how clever I am moving the rod tip, sinking the line or admonishing her. It is so bad that I have asked my wife to ask Penelope’s obedience coach Miss Vickey if there is a trick or technique to correct this most bad habit. (Shut up… I know what you are thinking …. what dog gets an obedient instructor in the real world. Well it is the only luxury we give the Pepster. She loves to go and gets so excited on the morning that my wife says, ” Let’s go see Miss Vickey.”

So at the lake cutting grass is equally as bad. Where the most beautiful Chloe will find a high shady spot and “observe” me cutting the grass all the while observing the surrounding landscape, Penelope hugs the lawnmower as it moves in hopes that there will be stick thrown. It is dangerous. One time she rushed the lawnmower and her foot slid forward and it looked like for a second that it would slide under the mower blades. That was it. I had to either not cut grass at all if she were out there, put her in the van or truck, or lock her in the little cabin there.

And then the little dachshunds, they run away and don’t return. We usually find them at the property next to ours at a chicken cage. They run up there and then just sit outside the cage. And then I learned that if I cranked the lawnmower and began to go toward the cabin, they would emerge from the woods to follow. So now the lawnmower is used to get them to come.

One day I was riding the mower to get the little dogs to come from the woods and Penelope began chasing it and for no reason I turned quickly and pointed at her. A kind of mean point that indicated NO and to stop following. Amazingly Penelope stopped dead in her tracks. (See….she must have learned that from Miss Vickie. Boo Yaa.)

From that point on she has never followed the mower. Now as seen in the video (just learned how to do that-easily moving music or video to this blog) my dearest Pepe is sitting in the shade of the trees in such a position that she can see the cabin, the lake and me cutting grass. (You never know if I am going to stop and throw a stick so you have to ready.)

I told my wife about Penelope’s new skill and now I need to teach her is not to mess up my fishing in the river.

“She is channeling Chloe John.”

Sweet Chloe.




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