Fifty shades of grey…I mean prostate cancer

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I hope you’ll find the list below helpful. These are the most common search terms that end up on this site. It gives you some insight as to what’s on folk’s minds. Far and a way the winner here and each day is prostate nodule followed by prostate pain. My guess is that the man comes home and says to his wife he is going to need a biopsy of the prostate because the doctor felt a nodule. The wife then googles prostate nodule and viola.

Another way to use this list is that if you are new to the “journey” of prostate cancer and the attendant decision-making conundrum it represents you can utilize the list as a starter of things to consider or understand.

If you search this site for any of these terms you are bound to find something that will either help or get you to another area that will.

The links to the right are helpful and in particular any of the message boards where other patients and family can put in their two cents. In particular the American Cancer Society and the Healingwell links have active and informative participation.

prostate nodule 1,017
prostate diaries 527
prostate biopsy pain 420
bleeding scrotum 374
bladder spasms 354
high psa 336
perineural invasion 297
bladder spasms after prostate surgery 260
psa 5 257
nodule on prostate 248
free psa chart 228
bleeding from scrotum 204
scrotum bleeding 194
radiation after prostatectomy 186
prostate nerves 180
prostate nodules 172
psa of 5 165
prostate jokes 165
frank zappa prostate cancer 164
famous men with prostate cancer 157
urology jokes 140
bob monkhouse prostate cancer 140
bladder spasm 138
free psa 135
prostate spasm 134
radiation cystitis 118
sex before prostate biopsy 117
bleeding testicles 116
prostate nodule biopsy 115
does a prostate biopsy hurt 114
who are you 112
bleeding testicles men 110
high psa negative biopsy 98
prostate biopsy 96
prostate cancer jokes 95
ted danson cancer 94
blood from scrotum 92
psa biopsy 91
prostatecancerdiaries 91
perineural invasion prostate cancer 89
perineural invasion prostate 87
can a woman get cancer from a man with prostate cancer 87
bleeding from scrotum skin 85
bladder spasms after prostatectomy 84
prostatectomy anatomy 79
perineural invasion present 78
frank zappa cancer 77
jerry okungu 76
when to do a prostate biopsy 75
bleeding scrotum skin 74
free psa levels chart 74
prostate biopsy experience 74
can you get cancer from sex 72
prostate cartoons 72
low free psa 62
bleeding from the scrotum 61
obstructive voiding 57
prostate cancer 57
negative prostate biopsy high psa 56
frank zappa prostate 56
sex after prostate biopsy 55
is a prostate biopsy painful 55
does prostate biopsy hurt 54
radiotherapy after prostatectomy 50
elevated psa 50
prostate cancer cartoons 50
prostate cancer active surveillance 2011 50
when to do prostate biopsy 47
prostate biopsy video 47
bleeding from testicles 46
alberto sabatino 45
low free psa no cancer 44
famous prostate cancer survivors 43
richard albin psa 43
john mchugh prostate diaries 43
prostate cancer deaths vs breast cancer 42
prostate 42
richard ablin 41
catheter leaking after prostate surgery 41
high psa negative prostate biopsy 41
obstructive voiding symptoms 40
prostate cancer cartoon 39
famous people with prostate cancer 39
obama smoking 39
can you remove a prostate 39
famous prostate cancer sufferers 38
prostate cancer blog 38
president obama smoking 37
prostate biopsy experiences 37
partin tables 37
elevated psa and biopsy 37
scrotal petechiae 37
robotic prostatectomy vs open prostatectomy 37
psa risk calculator 37
low psa prostate cancer 37 36
partin tables 2010 36
male mastectomy 36
petechiae on scrotum 34
waiting for prostate biopsy results 34
penile rehabilitation 34
famous people who died from prostate cancer 33
prostate cartoon humor 33
nodule in prostate 33
bleeding from testicles men 33
prostate diapers 33
blood in scrotum 32
yellow snow 32
frank zappa and prostate cancer 32
blood vessels on scrotum 32
urine leaking around foley catheter 32
perineural invasion prostate biopsy 31
diapers after prostate surgery 31
post prostate cancer 31
obama smokes 31
famous people who died of prostate cancer 31
nodules on prostate 31
nodule prostate 30
prostate anatomy 30
prostate joke

2 Replies to “Fifty shades of grey…I mean prostate cancer”

  1. Hi John,

    I found your blog while doing some research, and I have to say that I enjoy the articles immensely! I couldn’t find your contact info, so I’m posting my question here 🙂

    We are a husband and wife team who run the website and the accompanying blog We are located in Suwanee, Ga and are currently conducting interviews with local doctors about a variety of medical topics. I would love to do an email interview with you to share with our readers. You can contact me at for more details.

    Hope to hear from you soon, and thanks for your time and consideration!

    Monica Clark


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