Big Baby Girl selected for Hall County Georgia 2013 Calendar-Louis Prima and what? Prostate cancer.

Talent borrows, genius steals.” – Oscar Wilde…

Collectively we have five dogs and I sent in about 20 pictures in hopes that one would be chosen for the Hall County Humane Society’s 2013 calendar. The way I sized it up they probably would not choose Penelope because she won in 2011. Then there was Bella and Brother both rescued dogs and each having an interesting color about them, and then the evil twins. Well we did not think they’d choose two “McHugh dogs” so we figured they only choose one even though I cleverly sent in different emails for the children’s dogs but all the pictures came from me. So I knew they’d only choose one. My wife clearly felt it would be Baby Breeder. Certainly the rescued dogs had an edge I thought. I felt Breeder had a bit more personality and interest( see last post) than the other Dachshund and that they’d only choose one of them (that was one of the entry rules). So today we hear the results. It was Big Baby Girl or Fiona. Now we have to set up for the photo shoot for the calendar.

Let me tell you these Dachshunds move a lot and are very quick. The above picture was after about 2 hours at the lake and me trying to get a good picture of the evil twins by the lake and it was during the  heat wave we had here. It was at 100 degrees. So by the time I get them in the car they are panting like all get out and tired. And hence an in focus still shot of Fiona with her tongue out. This was the shot that did it I bet.  She is cute but Baby Breeder makes the funnest faces and expressions that a real photo shoot may have captured. Good luck to the photographer getting Baby Girl to stay still….we’ll see.

About Louis Prima: Several years ago I get a package from my brother Rushton and it was a the greatest hits of Louis Prima. I’d heard the name but didn’t the songs but recognized the first song, ” I’m just a gigolos.” Well the whole thing is great very good. He sent it to me with a note that he was one of “mother’s favorite artists.” I love his music and now very familiar with all his songs and his history and of course Keely Smith his female singer he ultimately married. Youtube him and enjoy.

Oh yeah…want to smile or laugh or feel pity for me…listen to what I recorded this weekend trying to figure out how to make my book an audiobook…


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